Friday, August 5, 2011

So Long Summer

Just in 3 short days school will be back in session. I had high hopes for this summer and for some wierd reason I feel like it didn't go exactly as I had envisioned. Instead I got something far better - something not even I could have planned.

We were blessed with Justin getting a little 2 week job in Flagstaff - which happens to be one of the coolest place you can be in Arizona. The girls and I were able to join him and stay at the KOA.
Audrey snapped some shots while we were there on her new camera. We rode bikes and hiked. We breathed in the fresh air and just had a great time.

The rest of July the girls kept me busy. We had a neighborhood "Summer Bash" and lucked out because Lola was able to be there. We had the chance to spend a great Saturday with Gramps and Gram where I learned about the fine art of frying pork chops and family dynamics all at the same time. While I had to spend more hours working on the computer than I planned I was enjoying the soundtrack of my girls playing, playing, and playing some more. Justin and I were even able to sneak out for a few date nights.

This summer the girls really were each others "built-in" best friends. While I can't say it was all roses, for the most part they were inseperable and didn't mind it. I can see them changing everyday and I know that it is time, once again, for me to follow suit.

I can not put in words how thankful I am for my life. For the opportunity I have had to stay home with my sweet daughters for the last 6 years. On Monday, I plan on putting on my brave face, pulling up my big-girl panties, manning up... I can do this. I can drop off my baby to Kindergarten and know that if I am not there to put the straw in her juice box someone else will. Heck, maybe she will even be able to do "myself".

I will let you know how it goes...

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