Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back to Reality

It was a fun little vacation but reality is setting in. Justin starts work tomorrow (YIPEE! - a paycheck :) Audrey is going to school and my clients are starting to call again. That means bathtime, bedtime, groceries, garbage out, laundry, and the normal exhaustion that comes with everyday life.

Justin and I are so thankful that we have had this amazing opportunity to try something new. Moving in under 6 weeks has been such a huge undertaking but we are both so amazed at how great everything has worked out and we just know that this is where we should be right now.

I do admit we overdid it a little this past weekend. Our urge to explore, explore, and explore some more is catching up to us. We had a "Seattle Saturday" adventure that I will post on tomorrow when I get the pictures ready, we tortured the girls hiking down a .62 mile (moderate) trail to the water at St. Edwards Park. (They cried all the way back up). We even went to church on Sunday.

We are beginning to realize that all these new things are not going away anytime soon so we can take our time and enjoy them slowly ~ Instead of in one weekend!

All our love~

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