Sunday, September 7, 2008


I have been promising pictures so here they are...

These first pictures are of us just exploring our new house. We picked up some Hello Kitty rainboots for the girls and they were loving the backyard. The last tenant was kind enough to leave this wonderful wooden playhouse for the girls. Complete with real canvas curtains!

Delicious pine cone soup anyone?? **Note the turtle Carissa is holding - it is rubber but was also found in the back-yard and has become a household pet. (Definitely my type of animal - HA)

Ok - I know the girls look a little scraggly here - we may have scared the neighbors - but we had to show "turtle" the rocks in the front yard. And Audrey loves any excuse to strike a Hannah Montana pose...
Oh the loves of my life - could they get any cuter??

So then the truck came (a day late) and we moved into the house. Of course, I have every box unpacked but Carissa still calls it the "O-tel" in WashingTON. And we shipped Audrey off to school. Here she is by the sign in front of the school...

The morning of the first day of school. She came home and told me that at recess they aren't allowed to go into the forrest. Hmm... that is a far cry from "make sure you touch the slide before you go down because it might burn your legs".

All our Love~

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Holly said...

I just wanted to say welcome to Washington! I'm a WA native who just moved back after living in San Antonio TX for two year. I think once you get used to the weather here, you'll love it. The upcoming fall season is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for following our blog!

Holly @ Mommies with Cents