Thursday, September 4, 2008


Never cared about socks in Arizona where we wore flip-flops all year-round. Now I find myself standing in front of the dryer matching white socks with ruffles, white socks with bows, small socks, big socks, what begins with SOX???

There is always at least one unmatched missing sock and it wasn't the sock behind the doorway or the one stuck to the side of the sofa. Maybe it will turn up tomorrow when I wash the next round of socks?

They should make disposable socks...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! Socks "oh SOCKS"!!! If we can't find the sister "Lola's words" after a month it makes a basket in the trash!!! Back to the grind~Hope your all doing well and loving the cooler weather!! We are going outside it's only 100 in the it's cooling down a bit~~HAHAHA!!! Love you and have a wonderful Birthday!!!

Aunt Alice said...

Hi Kiddos, so happy you are getting settled. If you get a vacation, come see me.
Love you,
Aunt Alice

Anonymous said...

And the socks are so TINY!!!!! Love your power of observation... you don't let the little things slip by ya!
We're very excited about your adventure.... thanks for the blog.
Beth and David and Owen