Friday, September 19, 2008

End of Week

We are ending the week on the damp end here. I walked Audrey to school this morning with the "mist". The sky is gray and it just feels like I am walking near a misting system. But the minute I walked out of the house it was the smell that took my by surprise. It was so pleasant. The neighbor had there fireplace going and it smelled like a distant campfire with fresh pine. It felt like my lungs were getting cleared out. I think this weekend we will decorate for fall because, well it is definetly in the air here!

Justin has started working 10 hour shifts and will be working all weekend. We could use the extra money from the move though so we are greatful. I started MOPS this week with Carissa and it was so much fun. I could tell she really liked it too.

Audrey is going to be a Daisy Scout too! I have been searching and searching for my Girl Scout sash which I know I saved. Yummy Cookies coming in March!

All our love~

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